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Full Color Custom Fabric Banner Printing

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  • Wrinkle-Resistant & Washable
  • Variety of Finishing Options
  • Vivid Full Color Printing on One Side
  • 9oz Polyester Woven Fabric
  • Available in Any Custom Size
  • Impress with a Beautiful Fabric Banner

Full Color Custom Fabric Banner Printing

Fabric banners are classier and more traditional than their vinyl banner counterparts. Fabric is the best material to use when printing a banner for indoor or short-term outdoor use.  We offfer low cost fabric banner printing with the highest quality materials. We also offer mesh banner printing which is strong, durable, and is wind & weather resistant.  Our fabric banners are made with 100% polyester, three layered woven fabric that renders exceptional color and print quality. Digitally printing on this high quality material produces stunning high resolution images. Another benefit of choosing fabric banner printing over vinyl is that fabric is minimally reflective, allowing the image and colors to really stand out. And it gets better - fabric banners are scratch-resistant and washable! Fabric banners can be kept looking as good as new for years to come.

Fabric Banner Printing Options

  • Material
  • Printing
  • Finishing

Fabric Banner Material

With 6.8mil thickness, these 100% polyester knit woven fabric banners are ideal for producing flags, banners, displays and widow backdrops.

Fabric Banner Printing

Full Color

The printing will be in full color.

Fabric Banner FInishing

Grommets every two feet

Grommets are good for use with Sign Hooks or for pinning. Grommets on the banner will be placed on every two feet. This helps distribute the banners weight and keep the banner even at all points. It also makes the banner last much longer because it's more durable at these attaching points.

Plain Edges

The banner will be with plain edges.

Hemmed and sewn edge

Hemmed and sewn edges are typically used to reinforce the sides of vinyl banners.

Taped Edge

This is a one sided sticky tape used along the edges of your banner for re-enforcing, giving a sharp neat edge without the need for folding and sewing.

Pole Pockets 

Pole pockets allow for rigid poles to be inserted along the edge of the banner. This keeps the banner to save for lack of sagging. 

Grommets all four corners

Grommets on the banner will be placed on all four corners.

Pole Pockets top & bottom

This is ideal for either banner stands that have top and bottom poles or for hanging displays. Top banner would require a dowel with end caps that allow for hooks or strings for hanging. Bottom dowel for weight helps keep the banner hanging straight.

Pole Pockets left & right 

Pole pockets will be inserted on left & right of the banner. Pockets will be added to the left and

right sides of your banner, allows you to mount your banner with poles secured from one or both sides.

Grommets two top corners

Grommets on the banner will be placed on to two top corners.

Grommets every feet corners

Grommets on the banner will be placed on every foot.

Fabric Banner Marketing Tips

Fabric banners are ideal for advertising business grand openings or special events, in churches, at trade shows, on tabletops, as well as many other applications. When it comes to figuring out ways to use custom fabric banners, you're only limited by your imagination. Anywhere you can think of a need to add color or beauty to a space, fabric banners can fill. Fabric banner printing is chosen over other material printing because of its aesthetic. Fabric banners when hung in a space are elegant and delicate. With fabric banner printing, you are not restricted to hanging your advertisement on a wall or adhered to a window. With finishing options such as grommets for hanging and pole pockets for placing in a stand, you can display your fabric banner just about anywhere.

Custom Fabric Banner Design Tips

When designing your fabric banner, consider the application for the banner as well as the target audience. If being used to send a message about your services or sales, keep the design of your fabric banner simple and the text clear. Don't clutter your fabric banner with loud graphics or elaborate messages to create aesthetic; let the soft, flowy material speak for itself. You can also our fabric banner to advertise for an art gallery or as a medium for printing digital art. Fabric banners can be used for higher-end art reproduction work, but be sure to have a high resolution image.  If you are an upscale restaurant advertising your grand opening, you want everything right down to your grand opening banner to be magnificent. While vinyl banners are a great option for casual eateries, your restaurant needs something more luxurious. Custom fabric banner printing can provide exactly that. Once customers see your stunning full color fabric banner, they will associate your restaurant with elegance.

Fabric Banner Printing for Tradeshows

Proudly display your fabric banner at the next trade show or event. Because the high quality woven material used for fabric banner printing is so receptive to color, fabric banner printing can give you photo-realistic images ready for any trade show display. Use photos of your products or a company logo, and we at Printing Xpert can print you a fabric banner with high-resolution images. Fabric banners can be used on tabletops so that guests can easily identify your company or product. Use fabric banners as backdrops that feature your company's logo so that everyone can have a photo-op.

24x72 Fabric Banner Templates
24x72 Fabric Banner Templates

48x72 Fabric Banner Templates
48x72 Fabric Banner Templates

Our banner came out exactly as described on the website. The colors and materials are very nice and the banner was delivered promptly. Thank you so much!

Chester Community Center

Best price best quality


I was looking for a tapestry to cover the white walls of my apartment, instead i went ahead and printed one of my own designs on a fabric banner from printing xpert and i couldnt be happier. The fabric looks sooo good and my design and bright colors werent altered at all in fact they look even better. Thx!


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Material   (Info)

9 oz. polyester is a printable three layered woven fabric made of 100% polyester, wrinkle resistant with minimal light reflection.

Printing   (Info)

We offer Fabric Banner printing in full color

Finishing   (Info)

Grommets are Available in order to facilitate hanging of the banner. Grommets Every Two Feet, Plain Edges Hemmed And Sewn Edge, Taped Edge, Pole Pockets, Grommets All Four Corners, Pole Pockets Top and Bottom, Pole Pocket Right and Left Sides, Grommets Two Top Corner, Grommets Every Feet Top Corner.

Proof   (Info)

Free Online PDF Proof You can view an online FREE PDF proof that will allow you to double-check the Artwork, Text, Image Resolution, Color, Spellings and Fonts. *Only the first proof is free. After that it is $5 for each online proof Print As Is The files you uploaded will be printed as they are without any changes.

Production Time   (Info)

This is the estimated time your project will be complete after you have approved your proof. Turnaround includes printing and finishing, BUT NOT shipping time. Production turnaround begins the following business day for all jobs sent to press by the deadline. For 24 Hours Turnaround, production time begins the same day if file is sent to us by 12 pm (noon) ET.

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