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Raised Business Card Printing

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  • Free Online PDF Proof & Fast Turnaround
  • Superior Custom Design Service Available
  • Choice of 1 to 2 PMS Colors on One or Both Sides
  • 80# Bright White, Linen or Heavy 100# Card Stock
  • Raised Text Printing Creates an Amazing Look & Feel
  • Standard 3.5 x 2 Sized Business Cards

Discount Raised Business Cards Printing

Raised Business Cards printing is one of kind unique printing. Raised business cards printing process is called thermograph. It is a printing process, in which the letters are raised on the business card. Therefore a 3.5x2" raised business cards for doctor's office will come out to be self promoting. The ink on the finished products remains above the surface of the paper. Our clear plastic business cards are also a great way to make a last impression on potential clients. First, we print your business cards then before the ink has dried too much we use a powder to dust over the ink. This powder melts on to the wet ink, and this is what gives the raised text feel to the business cards. This style of business card has become very popular recently and that is exactly why we have the necessary equipment to create this amazing looking business card. Our 3.5x2 raised print business cards for law offices leave a lasting impression at a reasonable cost.

Raised Business Cards Printing on Linen-weave Stock

We offer two options for Raised Printing. The 1-U2 Color Method and Full Color Raised Business Cards. The Full Color Raised Method can also be printed with 1,2,3, or Unlimited amount of colors. Create a distinguished look with our 3.5x2" raised business cards printing for car dealers. Our designers can create you a professional looking raised business card that would help you increase your business in no-time. We also offer silk laminated business cards that will be sure to make your business card stand out.  Raised business card are generally used by industry of professionals such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, psychologists, engineers etc. and show the  professionalism of your profession.

Raised Business Card Printing Custom Options

  • Paper
  • Color

Raised Business Card Printing Paper

  • Premium Bright White
  • Linen Bright White
  • Linen Soft White
  • Laid Ultra White
  • Laid Ivory
  • Deluxe Heavy White

Raised Business Card Printing Standard Ink Colors


Red (185)

Reflex Blue

Process Blue

Green (347)

Forest Green (357)

Brown (470)

Burgundy (221)

Gold (871)

Silver (877)

Teal (320)

Orange (021)


Raised Business Card Printing Marketing Tips

Raised Business Cards printing is considered to be creative and professional and can help to increase your customers. You can attach raised business cards in every correspondence that you send to your customers. This is especially good for business to business correspondence. In this case, it will be great to have them among your new leads. The best choice is raised business cards that are of great quality and have impressive touch and feel contents. 

1) Keep them in your pocket, car, purse, briefcase, and wallet, on your desk, and at the reception area of your office. So instead of giving your contact information verbally, you leave an impression.

2) Store your cards in a nice holder so they don't get bent. Keeping your cards in a stylish case makes for a better presentation when you and your cards out. Likewise, treat others' cards well when you accept them.

3) Place raised business cards on bulletin boards at local restaurants, supermarkets, libraries, and your children's schools. If you see a fishbowl offering a drawing for a prize, throw your business card in. Somebody important might see it and contact you.

4) Include raised business cards with all of your correspondence; including bills you pay. You never know who might open the mail that day. Send raised business cards with all thank you notes and letters you send out. Include your contact information in your email signature as well. It serves as an electronic business card.

5) As a business owner or manager, have raised business cards printed for all staff members, right down to the lowest ranking person. Your employees are part of your network, so use their networks to generate business for your company.

6) Use your raised business cards to introduce yourself to prospects you meet at networking functions, in the park or at your children's soccer games. Make sure the time is appropriate. One way to do this is to ask for the other person's card. He or she will likely ask you for your card in return. When you go to the doctor or dentist, present your card to the receptionist to announce your presence.


3.5x2 Raised Business Card Template
3.5x2 Raised Business Card Template

I love the touchable content of my raised business card. The look is very professional! Thank you for wonderful work.

Johnny S.


Whenever I am distributing my raised business card to any client, the first thing they do.  Touch and feel the card and give good remarks about the card. I am happy that I am able to maintain my first impression on them.

Drake T.


The cards are awesome!

Neenah  J.


I got my raised business cards for my law office and they came out really good. They look professional and quite decent. Thank you!

Rah Nichole.

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Low Cost Printing Price Calculator


Paper Type   (More Info)

Standard Paper Stocks Plate: 80# Cover; white only 65# Cover; green, pink, yellow, gray, tan, ivory Parchment: 65# Cover; gray, blue, sand, natural, green Cordwain: 90# Cover, ivory, white Classic Laid: 65# Cover; blue, gray, natural, tan, ivory, white Kromekote: 12 pt. Kromekote; white Beckett Cambric: 80# Cover; spearmint, frost, gray, india, peppermint, colonial white, arctic white Strathmore Elements: 80# Cover; natural squares, gray squares, white squares Astrobrights: 65# Cover; starfire pink, gemini green, lunar blue, solar yellow French Speckletone: 80# Cover; gray, briquet, ivory, white Royal Fiber: white, cream, gray, rose Standard Ink Colors Black Yellow (Pantone) Red (PMS 185) Green (PMS 347) Reflex Blue Brown (PMS 478) Light Blue (Process) Gold (Metallic Gold 873) Bordeaux (PMS 208) Teal (PMS 321) Orange (PMS 165) Additional Charges Curve Type: $4.50 - Add for each line of copy. Hairline Registration: $22.50- applies if 2 colors need to touch. Add for each set or per 1,000. Close Registration: $12.00 - applies if 2 colors have less than 1/32 of an inch space between them. Add for each set or per 1,000. Borders: $11.25 - within 1/8" margin. $8.00 - within 1/4" margin. Add for each set or per 1,000. Bleeds: $20.00 - horizontal or vertical, per set or per thousand. $30.00 - both H & V, per set or per thousand. Reverse: $22.50 - reverses to reverse positive art without bleed, per set or per thousand. Full Reverse with Bleeds: $30.00 - reverses to reverse positive art bleeds, per set or per thousand. Screens: $4.00 - to screen line art, add for each set or per 1000 Halftones: $15.00 - to make a halftone, for each halftone Overprinting: $30.00 - for each set or per thousand Back printing: Not available on Kromekote cards. $27.00 - for one set (max 1000). $24.00 - 2 sets, (max 2000) per set. $21.00 - 3 sets (max 3000) per set. $18.00 - 4 sets or more, add for each set or per 1,000. Oversized cards: $30.00 - maximum size 3 1/2 x 4", add for each set or per thousand. Foldover Cards: $37.50 - add for each set or per thousand. Add back printing charges if foldovers are printed on the inside. Not available on Kromekote. Maximum size (unfolded) 3 1/2 x 4. Flat printing: $7.50- flat print only, add per run. $15.00 - flat printing w/thermography, add for each set or per thousand. PMS® Color Match: NOT GUARANTEED-Mixed according to formulas shown in PMS guide. $40.00 - per each color, per run Match Ink-Guaranteed Color Match: $50.00 - for each color, per run, plus PMS ink charge. Must submit thermographed printed sample or swatch. Custom Business card design: $25 Shipping: $13.50 per set

Front Side 1st PMS Colors   (More Info)

PMS stands for Pantone Matching System. These are universal and standerize colors which are used world wide. We offer different range of colors.
Please choose from the option which color you wanted on the front side.

Front Side 2nd PMS Colors   (More Info)

PMS stands for Pantone Matching System. These are universal and standerize colors which are used world wide. We offer different range of colors.
Please choose the second color you wanted to be printed with the first color you choosed.

Back Side 1st PMS Colors   (More Info)

Please choose from the option which color you wanted on the Back side

Back Side 2nd PMS Colors   (More Info)

Pleas choose the second color you want it to be printed on the back side with the first color you choosed.

Does Job Has Bleed?   (More Info)

A full bleed is when a design touches the edges of the canvas.  If your design touches the edges of your business card, you will want to select the "bleed" option when uploading.

File Status   (More Info)

- Upload File Now or Later

After the cart and shipping page you can uplaod file on my account.


- Need Custom Design

If you require a creative designs service that reveals your company message efficiently while choosing the accurate colors, readable content/text and images in your artwork. Our Custom Design Service  will provide you an inspiring designs by our professionals.


Product: Business card, 3.5" X 2""

The price is same for one side design or both sides

Consultation Time Included: 15-min Free

Design Includes: 3 Revisions

Images Included: 1 Image

Additional Images: $10 per image

Additional Design Time: $19 per hour

Base Package Price: $35.00

Prices may vary depending on design complexity or additional requests

We also offer LOGO design service starting $75 and up.

Proof   (More Info)

We offer 2 ways to proof your job before it goes to printing process:-

Online Free PDF Proof

You can view an online FREE PDF proof that will allow you to double-check the Artwork, Text, Image Resolution, Color, Spellings and Fonts.

Print As Is

The files you uploaded will be printed as the same way they are without any changes.

Production Time   (More Info)

This is the estimated time your project will be complete after you have approved your proof. Turnaround includes printing and finishing, BUT NOT shipping time. Some products may have more than one turnaround option for expedited service.

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