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How can I contact you if I have questions?
Our goal is to make the creation and ordering of printing business stationery to be a simple experience. You can contact us using the customer service interface, our customer Toll-free number 1-888-681-4947. Also, you can use the Live Chat feature inside the site to talk live to an operator or leave a properly routed message for us that we will respond to usually in a matter of hours.

I've forgotten my password
You can retrieve your password by resubmitting your email address that you registered with. An email will be sent to this address within minutes. If you have let more than 2 hours lapse or if you had difficulty with this process you will have to submit your email address again. Alternately, you can use the Customer service interface or call the toll free number 1-888-681-4947 and we will get back to you by email usually within a matter of hours. If you have registered with a bogus email address, you will have to contact us on our toll free number 1-888-681-4947.

Do you have any specials running?
The specials are always new and exciting and you can see specials at a glance on the front page of the site.

How come your prices are so good?
Our prices are great because we have a fully automated print process and state of the art printing equipment that is both digital and traditional. We have refined the process over the last 10 years.

Will you continue to add products to your site?
We offer a complete line of full-color personalized business products, including business cards, letterhead, post cards, flyers, menus, banners, vinyl banners, stickers, and much more, all sorted by industry sector. We will continue to update the content and refine the process wherever and however we can.

What paper stocks do you use?
We have decided to use industry standard, high quality stock on all our products rather than have lower quality versions available as options.

What colors do you print with?
All of our products are printed in full color (4 color process inks).

How do I check on the status of my order?
You may check the status of your order by logging into the site and going to "My Account". From here, you may check the order status as well. We also offer a tracking link in this section to track your order with whatever carrier you have selected for shipping.

I'm unhappy with my recent order.
We stand behind our products. Please contact us via our Customer service interface, our customer toll-free telephone number 1888-681-4947 or use our Live Chat.

What is your return policy?
We are behind the quality of the products. If there is an issue with the quality of the products, please contact Customer service within 14 days of receipt of your order and if your order is deemed unacceptable to our high standards, we will reprint your order at no cost to you. Please note that Printing Xpert cannot be responsible for design errors, spelling or image selections that are a result of the design process. Printing Xpert may request that you ship any deficient product back to us at your own expense.

How do I Reorder?
It's simple. Just pick up the product order with options and login and in the billing shipping page, send us the file by selecting the option of "I am ordering an exact reprint of order #" or you can check your old history in "My Account".

What is your guarantee?
Printing Xpert stands behind the quality of its products. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of the products, please contact Customer Service within 14 days of receipt of your order. Please note that Printing Xpert cannot be responsible for design errors, spelling or image selections that are a result of the design process.

What is the purpose of a PDF?
A Portable Document Format (PDF) enables you view all images in low resolution. It is an industry standard computer representation of your order and is generated from the actual files we use to print your job.

Can I upload my own artwork or design?
Yes, you can upload a complete design or use our templates and add your own components. Uploading your own designs puts the onus on you to ensure that the images are high enough resolution to print (min 300dpi) and that you have created a bleed and have carefully checked the content to ensure that there are no overlapping items or typos on the artwork.

How do I update my information with you?
Simply log in. You can then update or revise your profile detail, password, Shipping address and other details in you Profile.

What is Bleed?
Bleed is a Printing term used to indicate the portion of the card that will be trimmed off when cut to the final size. The purpose of a bleed is to continue a color, image, or design to the edge of the card.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We only accept credit card transactions under VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

How do I report a billing error?
Questions regarding your charge account will be forwarded to our Customer Credit Department. Please use the Contact Us form and select the appropriate subject line from the drop down menu.

How are your shipping costs calculated?
We charge shipping by the weight of your order plus a processing fee. Shipping and processing fees are designed to compensate. Printing Xpert for its shipping costs and helps offset the expenses related to receiving and processing orders, maintaining inventory and warehousing.

Which shipping methods do you use?
Our standard method is store pickup, ground, 3 days select, 2nd day air, next day saver, next day air early, next day air transportation BY UPS.

Do you offer rush delivery service?
Yes, we do by UPS.

Is your site secure?
Yes, this site is secured by Godaddy SSL is the leading secure sockets layer (SSL) Certificate Authority enabling secure e-commerce and communications for Web sites, intranets, and extranets. It's the trusted mark of high assurance for Internet security and enables the strongest SSL encryption available to every site visitor.

Which browsers do you support?
Printing Xpert supports all browsers, e.g. Internet Explorer (all versions), Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.

What is your privacy policy?
Printing Xpert wants you to be fully aware of our business policies and practices. Please visit the privacy policy section of the website. If you have any questions or comments about this policy, please use the Contact Us Form and select subject line "Privacy Policy Question".

Which Countries other than the United States do you ship to?
We only ship within the United States at this time.