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Printing Product

This is the type of product you are ordering. Each type of product has an options that is specific to each type such as size, paper, color, and available coating options.

Printing Size

This is the final trimmed dimensions of your product. If you are selecting a product with available folding options such as brochures or flyers, this size is often referred to as flat size. Your finished size will be determined by the folding choice. If your design has bleeds, please ensure that you design your artwork at least 1/2" larger in each dimension. For more tips on design and helpful templates, please visit our complete Help Center by web top links.

Printing Quantity

This is the approximate number of finished pieces for your project. Quantities may vary up to 15000

Printing Color

This is the number of colors that will be printed on each sides of the paper, designated by Front Colors/Back Colors, as an example:-

Front Full Color, back blank 4/0

Front Full Color, back one color 4/1

Both sides, full colors 4/4

One PMS color 1/0

Two PMS color 2/0

Pantone Matching System Color Chart (PMS color)

Printing Paper

This is the paper stock your project will be printed on. The numerical value refers to how thick the paper is, measure in caliper thicknesses (point values) or weight (pound values); the larger the number, the thicker the stock. Basic weight refers to how much one ream (500 sheets) weighs, whereas caliper thicknesses refer to how thick a single sheet is in thousandths of an inch. As an example, 14pt. ( or 14 point ) is 14 thousandths of and inch and thicker than 12pt., 100# ( or 100-lb. ) is 100 pounds per ream and thicker than 80#.

Here are a few descriptions of the paper we offer:-

  • 100  # Text - Text Stock, great for brochures printing
  • 100 # Glossy - Glossy cover stock, great for flyers printing
  • 12 pt card stock - Glossy Coated Stock
  • 14 pt card stock - Glossy Coated Stock

Printing Coating

This is the coating that is applied to your project to give it a professional look and feel. We offer UV (Ultra-violet) Coating. This can be applied to the front, back, or both depending on your choice of product. Certain projects may have no coating.

Printing Paper Fold

We offer a number of different folding options for our products. Folding your print materials at the printer can save your time and effort in the long run. Based on the product you select, there are several folding options available. Please find the illustration of the different type of folds available.  Please note that not all folding types are available for all products.  The available choices will be presented to you in a dropdown box. 

  • Z Fold Printing
  • Half Fold Printing
  • Tri Fold Printing

Printing Paper Binding

The options available here allow you to choose different types of bindery options available for this product.

Printing Perforation

Perforation allows for clean tearing of the paper product across a straight line. To show us where to perforate, draw a dashed line (e.g., "----------") beside your artwork in the bleed margin or otherwise outside the print area. Note: Your product must be at least 3" x 4".

Printing Numbering

Add numbering to your NCR Business Forms. The default numbering starts at 0001 in increments of 1. Placement determined by crop marks (Top Right edge). NCR Orders of more than 1,000 NCR Business Forms will be mechanically numbered after they are printed. Please note that ink is translucent, not opaque and that the background color will affect appearance of the numbering. For white ink, the numbering will be lighter than the background color, but the results will not be a solid white. For red and blue inks, the background color in the numbered area should be lighter than the numbering.

Printing Business Card Slot

Four slits centered on either or both flaps to fit a horizontal (3.5" x 2") or vertical (2" x 3.5") card can be added at no additional charge.

Printing Proof

We offer free online PDF, which you are able to see on My Account. Also, customers can request a standard hardcopy proof on this product if you need an accurate color proof to assure a high quality job. There will be an additional $35 charge for each additional proof.

*Note: The proofing process can/will delay the turnaround time of your job

All proofs are sent to the Shipping address, unless told otherwise.


Fast Printing Turnaround

This is the estimated time your project will be complete after you have approved your proof. Turnaround includes printing and finishing, BUT NOT shipping time. Some products may have more than one turnaround option for expedited service fast turnaround printing.

Printing Price

This is the price for your printing without extra added options such as expedited proofs, folding, mailing services or shipping and handling.

Printing Shipping Method

These are the available options for shipping. Shipping rates are an estimate and may vary depending on the final complete product.

To estimate your shipping rate, enter your zip code, click the 'Get Rates' button and pull down the options to see the various rates.